Saving your business money on gas and electricity

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Up to 60% off your business gas.

£4987 average company gas saving in 2015!

At Kapow we know that getting the cheapest business gas prices can in a lot of cases make a significant difference to your business or organisation, and that any saving goes straight to your bottom line. We also understand that comparing the UK gas markets can be time consuming and sometimes extremely confusing to know what tariff and supplier to choose.

Hedging/fixed rates for up to 5 years

Your own dedicated account manager will oversee and guide you through the gas procurement process and will always ensure you are on the most competitive business gas rates tailored uniquely for your business requirements. Gas prices are at a 12 year low and we’ve negotiated with the leading Gas providers the ability to secure fixed rates for clients we introduce. What’s more, typically they are at least 30% lower than existing rates.

We can still get you a lower tariff even if you are in contract

Managed Service

Through our unrivalled network of partnerships with leading gas suppliers, not only do we secure the best market-leading prices, we also take the hassle away from the switching process.

Electricity Procurement

Confused what electricity tariff to choose?

Let us do all the hard work for you.

£7983 average company electricity saving in 2015

Switching energy suppliers can be a stressful experience, but Kapow Energy makes it a hassle-free experience. Our customers frequently save more than 20% on their current electricity rates.

As energy market experts, we have negotiated access to many energy suppliers and to contractual terms that you may not access by going direct. For instance, we can offer fixed price three-year energy contracts, at up to 24 months in advance of your current contract end date, a deal you won’t find anywhere else in the market.

Hedging/fixed rates for up to 5 years

As with gas, our team will oversee and guide you through the procurement process and will always ensure you are on the most competitive business electricity rates tailored for your business needs. Securing fixed rate incentives not only unlocks your business capital, but also provides an opportunity to resolve administrative problems that can occur with your meters or with your contract end dates

We can still get you a lower tariff even if you are in contract!!

Managed Service

Kapow Energy can help you align your contract end dates and suppliers so that in the future all of your energy contracts can be renewed at the same time. This can substantially reduce your administrative burden, saving you time and resources. Switching energy supplier offers even more benefits to businesses operating across multiple premises.

Are you a large business with significant energy drawdown?

Half Hourly electric meters are used by larger, more energy intensive businesses such as factories, warehouses and large industrial units. If your business has a maximum demand of 100 kW or greater in any half hour period during the day, then a half hourly meter will be compulsory for you. If you have a maximum demand of 70kW or more then you can opt to have a half hourly meter installed.

If you are in a new premises you can check if you already have a half hourly meter installed by taking a look at the ‘S number’ on a previous energy bill. If the number in the top left box is 00, then this is a half hourly meter. We offer an extremely competitive and comprehensive independent electricity procurement tendering service for all half hourly supplied electricity sites.

We will tender your half hourly meter energy contract in line with your commercial requirements with all of our half hourly electricity suppliers; E.ON, SSE and GDF, just to name a few. We will then send you your initial offers for your consideration and provide a detailed financial comparison between your current business electricity tariff, your supplier’s best renewal offer, and invited tenders from our range of suppliers.

Offers are notoriously difficult to compare because each supplier bundles their offer differently. We will illustrate all of our tariffs an easy to understand report comparing ‘like for like’ costings and highlighting any additional costs.

To ensure you clearly understand the report your dedicated account manager will explain any industry terminology and provide practical advice. Our supplier recommendation will also take account of overall delivery of service, support levels, type and length of contract to suit your needs.


Reduce your costs – We can still get you a better energy price, even if you are currently in contract.