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Shaking HandsHere at Kapow we love the fact that we can save lots of businesses money, (sometimes lots of it too)!
To do this we are always looking for honest, ethical businesses partners operating in non-competing markets to help us get the message out.
We are always seeking companies or organisations, that have existing databases of business customers that we too could work with.
We are more than happy to enter into a joint venture partnership that can reward you and also agree to water tight contracts to protect your interests in your customer base, as we understand this is the lifeblood of your business and may have taken years to build.
Would it enhance the relationship with your clients, showing them ways to stabilise their energy costs for up to 5 years and save money in the process too?

It could be worth an informal chat?

Who knows, the least you could get out of it is reduced Gas and Electricity charges!!
We have a track record of partnering with companies in non-competitive business sectors such as….
Accountants, Solicitors, Business Brokers, Trade Associations, Bookkeepers, Commercial Estate Agents, Advertising/ PR Agencies, Business Associations, Insurance Brokers and many more.

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Reduce your costs – We can still get you a better energy price, even if you are currently in contract.